Reviews of Crazy Time Game

The live show Crazy Time captivates from the first seconds. Dynamic rounds, a color wheel with multiple segments, and simple and understandable rules make this virtual entertainment a top choice on many leading online casino websites. The globally renowned provider Evolution introduced this virtual game just three years ago, but within a few months, the online game shows Crazy Time became one of the most popular.

Crazy time

During participation in Crazy Time Live, gamers find themselves in a real studio, where a professional host spins the wheel in front of the camera, takes bets, announces the results, and actively interacts with the players. The wheel has 54 segments, including numeric values of 1, 2, 5, and 10 with corresponding multipliers, as well as four bonus segments that trigger prize games.

The minimum bet in the live show starts from $0.1, and the maximum multiplier can reach up to x20000. The game show features a live chat for communication, an option to double winnings in the bonus round, and an auto-play function. With the help of trackers, experienced players analyze successful rounds, and launch histories, and achieve impressive results using various strategies.

Current reviews from real players

  • Lucky from the First Minutes

    Alex31 years old

    A couple of months ago, I discovered Crazy Time. Initially, I just wanted to take a break from my favorite poker, but the game hooked me. The first time I placed a very small bet, and within five minutes of playing, my winnings doubled, and from there, everything was simple and clear. Now, I regularly visit Crazy Time, and the winnings never cease to delight me.

  • The Game is Truly Exciting and Profitable

    Tom22 years old

    I didn't believe in such games, but my friends convinced me to give it a try. The show captivated me so much that I've become a regular participant and fan now. I place a couple of tens of dollars and get a decent and stable income.

  • Crazy Time - Favorite Entertainment with Real Income

    Ilya26 years old

    The game is very interesting and easy to understand, and personally, for me, it's important that the show feels realistic. About a year ago, I started placing small bets, but over time, I realized that the show is worth attention. Once I placed 1,000 rubles and was able to raise 25,000 rubles after a series of rounds in just a couple of hours.

  • Always Worth Trying, the Risk Justifies Expectations

    David19 years old

    During weekends, I enjoy relaxing with slot games. Crazy Time attracted me with its vibrant design and simple rules. The show perfectly captures the casino atmosphere, with a live chat for communication, and everything feels incredibly realistic. I place small amounts, but there was a time when I managed to win over ten thousand dollars in an hour of gameplay.

  • Crazy Time - A Favorite Show

    Alina26 years old

    I've never been to a real casino, so I immediately paid attention to this game. I enjoy the dynamic process, the presence of hosts, and the online chat. I tried placing a small amount, and the expenses immediately paid off. Now I play often and recommend it to my friends, it's all super.

  • Playing Crazy Time for Six Months and Everything is Great

    Olga23 years old

    I started playing Crazy Time for entertainment purposes, not believing in luck and big winnings. However, the online show managed to surprise me. You can bet small amounts on all sectors. I consistently win and continue to participate in the live show, everything is great.

  • Used to taking risks, and with Crazy Time, it always pays off

    Stanislav34 years old

    I like to bet on all sectors at once, so in Crazy Time, I consistently earn a good amount of profit. The game is interesting, albeit seemingly simple. The guys from Evolution did a great job, the product is worthy.

  • Didn't believe in online gambling games, but Crazy Time changed my opinion

    Nick40 years old

    I've never been a fan of online casinos and didn't believe in luck. But after my divorce, I needed to distract myself and started with something simple - bets in Crazy Time. The show is just amazing; in the first few days, I managed to increase my winnings to $5,000. Now, I visit my favorite casino once a week and always spend time in Crazy Time, I enjoy it, and the profit is pleasant.

  • The game deserves attention

    Nikolay42 years old

    I started placing bets in the online show Crazy Time out of boredom, tired of complex card games. But the show is worth attention to because I consistently win in it.

  • Why not take a risk? I thought and didn't regret it

    Tatiana39 years old

    I've always been interested in vibrant online shows, so I decided to bet on Crazy Time right away, and I didn't make a mistake. The slot is very engaging and helps to distract from every day worries. Moreover, if you play smart, it's hard not to win.

  • The main thing is to control yourself, and the profit from Crazy Time will come

    Vlad28 years old

    I always visit online casinos on Fridays to relax. In Crazy Time, I started with small bets, but the show is maximally simple and understandable, so I gradually started increasing my stakes. In the past couple of months, I've been able to win over 20,000 rubles. The main thing is to control yourself and approach online games with a clear mind.

  • Crazy Time - My Source of Stable Income

    Kirill19 years old

    I like the game; it's dynamic and entertaining. Special kudos for the bonus games; they are just superb. I often win good amounts, so I recommend Crazy Time.

  • A Show Where Favorite Strategies Work Like Clockwork

    Pavel40 years old

    I never play randomly; I always study the slot and observe. In Crazy Time, I started with small amounts but understood the game's principles and applied a couple of strategies. The show is excellent, interesting, and, most importantly, quite profitable. It helps me earn 5,000-10,000 rubles consistently over the weekends.

  • A Bright and Profitable Show Worthy of Attention

    John25 years old

    If you want to have a fun time playing and also earn money, then the definite choice is Crazy Time. It's important to understand the rules, and the winnings will start pouring in. It's a great game.

  • Crazy Time - A Separate Virtual World

    Svetlana31 years old

    Having visited Crazy Time once, I am now a fan. It's a kind of separate live casino with everything - interaction, realism, and chat. Everything is superb; the rules are simple, and I win often.

  • The online show Crazy Time regularly brings in profits

    Natalia49 years old

    I discovered Crazy Time a year ago. It's an excellent online show; I often bet 500-1000 rubles on several sectors. I always win something. It's just hard not to win there. I recommend it to everyone.

  • If you work out a strategy, the winnings will be staggering

    Oliver25 years old

    In any online game, a rational approach is necessary. I practiced placing small bets for a couple of months. Then I understood which strategy suited me. Now I play a couple of times a week and earn an excellent income.

  • Playing on the advice of a colleague, and I like everything

    Harry44 years old

    A colleague at work recommended Crazy Time as a way to relax. Now the show is among my favorites; I've been playing for over three months and have lost no more than twice.

  • You can win really big money in Crazy Time

    Gleb30 years old

    At first, I didn't believe that you could win big in Crazy Time. But if you study the show well and practice with low limits, everything becomes clear. I play, I win, and I recommend it.

  • I don't play often, but when I do, I go big

    Oleg36 years old

    I started betting in Crazy Time a year ago. I visit online casinos once a month, but I always bet boldly, so the winnings in Crazy Time are very impressive. It's an interesting show worthy of attention.

  • Playing Crazy Time requires intelligence

    Ivan29 years old

    Don't think that the show is simple and doesn't require thinking. The game is genuinely interesting, but you should always make bets with caution and intelligence. If you find the right approach and strategy, you can genuinely earn an excellent income.